Website Design

Why You Should Care About the Design of Your Website

For many customers your website is your business. What is their first impression?

A clean, modern design that is optimized for maximum user experience immediately builds trust and allows you to develop relationships.

With the rise in mobile and tablet browsing responsive design is imperative to ensure that your potential clients can easily browse your site using smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Why Build Your Site with WordPress?

I design all of my sites using WordPress, the world’s most popular website platform and content management system.

WordPress provides a framework and themes for quickly developing beautiful sites with advanced functionality and an SEO friendly set-up “out-of-the-box.” WordPress also makes it easy for people with limited coding ability to edit and update their own pages after the site has been built.

Since it is so popular WordPress has a large community of developers who have built “plugins” (often free) that allow website owners to quickly add new functionality to their sites. This saves money on development costs and expedites development.

How I can Help Your Business Make Money with a WordPress Design

I build sites that look great, with clean, modern designs. Since your website is often your customers first point of contact with your business, it’s imperative that they trust your company. A professional looking website gives customers the right first impression and allows you to build immediate trust and credibility with your prospective clients.

However, a great looking site is only the beginning. My site designs are also optimized to engage users and attract traffic from search engines.

This combination of form and function is critical for succeeding online.

I also build sites with responsive techniques so that they adapt to any screen size. With the wide proliferation of smartphones and tablets it is crucial that your site is optimized for any type of device. Poor mobile design, or lack of any mobile design, means that an increasing percentage of your customers will not be able to access the full functionality of your site. Responsive design solves this problem.

Quantifiable Results

  • Increased B2B sales leads by 171% per month
  • Increased search impressions by 1500%
  • Grew search queries by 1300%
  • Clicks from search up 317%
  • Increased organic search traffic by 87%

I was able to achieve these results with WordPress websites and SEO/SEM. I am confident that I can do the same for your business.

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