Backyard Vacations Screenshot Home Page

A couple of quick links to my latest website design, search engine optimization and online advertising projects for Backyard Vacations and Belfort Instrument.

Backyard Vacations is a San Diego based company that builds pools, spas, cabanas, fire pits, patios and outdoor kitchens.

I recently finished a complete redesign of the Backyard Vacations website with a focus on a clean, response design that highlights images of their amazing construction and landscaping work.

Here is a link to their portfolio page on my site:

Belfort Instrument Homepage

The Belfort Instrument Company was founded in 1876 in Baltimore, Maryland by Julien Friez. His vision was to furnish customers with instruments of uniform excellence and of highest reliability at fair prices so as to set the Standard of Measurement for the industry.

I recently finished a complete redesign of the Belfort Instrument website to optimize the site for search engines, user experience and conversions. The new site is completely responsive, so the site will automatically adapt to your screen size. This is especially important on tablets and smartphones.

Here is their portfolio page on my site:

For the latest updates from Belfort Instrument you can follow them on:

Or purchase directly from Belfort Instrument.