Here’s a quick update on my most recent consulting projects for Ingrained Printing and Fido & Company.

Ingrained Printing

Ingrained Printing

I have worked with Ingrained Printing to build an advanced ecommerce website that allows customers to upload and customize pictures for creating beautiful wood and aluminum photo prints.

The site features integration with Stripe and UPS APIs for payment processing and shipping.

In addition, the site features Facebook and Instagram integration so that users can log-in and upload pictures directly from their social accounts for ordering.

About Ingrained Printing

Located in Southern California, Ingrained Printing is a branch of the family owned and operated company, Ford Signs Inc. All printing is done in-house by our own trusted professionals, never outsourced. Here at Ingrained Printing, it is our goal to bring your most beloved memories to life in unique wood or aluminum photographic prints.

Fido and Company

Fido and Company

I am currently working with Fido and Company to drive revenue growth through online marketing and advertising.

This involves keyword research and competitive analysis, SEO to increase targeted website traffic and PPC advertising to drive qualified website visitors for lead generation.

About Fido and Company

Fido & Co. is San Diego’s first canine country club. It was built on a “nothing but the best” platform. It offers members a luxury daycare, a variety of pet sitting services, spa and grooming amenities, professional training programs and special event celebrations. Providing the ultimate canine experience, Fido & Co. affords all the privileges of a first class country club. The owners of Fido & Co. have taken two years to carefully plan and research every detail to ensure a truly luxurious and safe experience.