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Anthony Zazo

Lead Generation

Increased B2B sales leads by 324% per month in current position. Increased online conversion rate by 933% and lowered cost per conversion by 82%.


Grew organic traffic by more than 310% per month in current position and overall site traffic by 217% per month. SEO/SEM consultant for multiple companies.


Have personally designed and built 13 websites with WordPress (including this one).  Experience building complex ecommerce sites with Stripe, UPS, Facebook and Instagram API integration.


Have sent millions of marketing related emails over the last seven years with open and click-through rates above industry averages.


Experience managing employees, contractors and international teams of over 30 employees.


Over seven years experience managing freelance writers, designers, contractors, editorial calendars and website content. Published author in NASA Tech Briefs.


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Sales Leads


Organic Traffic Growth


Overall Traffic Increase

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I hired Anthony to do some SEO consulting for a project–very impressed with his results. He was thorough, knowledgable, and able to bridge the gap from detail SEO research to big-picture thinking for my business strategy. He was also very punctual and organized. Would definitely hire him again.

Jeff Widman


You know you’ve found the right service provider for “SEO optimization” when you type those same words into Google and Anthony’s name comes up first.

I hired him immediately (based on his first-class proposal, professional approach, and clear pricing model) and within 2 months I went from receiving 2-3 calls/week for my services to 2-3 calls/DAY in a very competitive market.

Anthony not only KNOWS what he is doing; he could TEACH the class. He has a keen ability to explain the strategy in lay-person’s terms and then execute with flawless precision.

My only hope? That no one from my industry sees this recommendation because I believe Anthony IS my competitive advantage when it comes to business development and generating resultant revenue quickly.

Lori Underwood

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC #83023, Lori Underwood Therapy

Anthony brought many important assets to L1 Technologies while we worked together. He is extremely detailed oriented and well organized. It was a pleasure to work with him.

David Alexander

Property Manager, Gaetani Real Estate


Gamma Scientific

Built website and manage all online marketing, advertising and content.


Built website and manage all online marketing, advertising and content.


Managed SEO/SEM and 10-20 freelance writers to create content on iGolf website.

Ingrained Printing

Integration with Stripe and UPS APIs for payment processing and shipping along with Facebook and Instagram integration for social picture uploads

Belfort Instrument

Built website and manage all online marketing, advertising and content.

Lori Underwood Therapy

Built website and manage all online marketing, advertising and content.

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