Referral Marketing for Startups

Referral Marketing Measures of Success

Startups are focused on growth. Whether or not you believe that "Startup=Growth", it is definitely an important metric. If your startup is not experiencing significant growth (or failing fast), you run the risk of turning into a zombie startup. Referral marketing has driven significant growth for many tech companies, including: PayPal, Dropbox and Airbnb. Daily deal sites have also successfully used referral marketing tactics, along with more questionable paid acquisition strategies ... [ Read More ]

You Needed to Start Investing in SEO Yesterday

"I wish I had waited longer to do a startup," said no one ever. Just go do it.— Aaron Levie (@levie) February 6, 2013 Aaron Levie is one of my favorite people on Twitter and this tweet captures how I feel about SEO as much as startups. Nobody ever said that they wished they had waited longer to invest in SEO. As a new business in any field (whether you fit the "startup" label or not) you need to start thinking about SEO from the very beginning because you're facing ... [ Read More ]

What is SEO?

What is SEO in 2013? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a concept that is often misunderstood by very intelligent people if they have not studied online marketing in depth or actually done SEO themselves. This is assuming that said person in question actually knows what SEO is at all. Try asking your grandparents or anyone that is not involved in a business that puts emphasis on their website (if those still exist). SEO Defined in One Sentence Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is ... [ Read More ]

How to Install Google Analytics for WordPress in 5 Minutes


Google Analytics for WordPress Hopefully I don't need to convince you that you need a tool to track what is happening on your website. Whether you're running a personal blog, e-commerce site or anything in between, you need to measure analytic data for the website. This is not earth shattering news for the vast majority of online business owners and popular bloggers, I'm sure you've been using Google Analytics and at least a few other analytic tools for years. However, if you're just ... [ Read More ]

So I Built a Photo Sharing App


Does the world need another photo sharing app? Definitely not. However, in my continuing journey to teach myself how to code I recently decided that I wanted to learn how to build web apps. I settled on learning Rails because it seemed to offer the quickest path to getting up and running. My Pinterest Style App (it actually works!) I was working through the Rails tutorials on Treehouse, which I highly recommend, when I read about a class by Mattan Griffel called One Month Rails one ... [ Read More ]